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RUEL was founded in 1991 with the focus on importing pharmaceuticals products from the United States. RUEL reached a deal with PENNEX Pharmaceuticals for contract manufacturing and the first western acetylsalicylic acid(ASA) product was introduced to the Bulgarian Market.

In 1995 sales reached 20,000,000 tablets per year, which PENNEX could no longer sustain.

In 1996 RUEL turned to PERRIGO Company INC. A partnership between RUEL and PERRIGO was signed. RUEL rebranded the ASA product under the name ASPERAN and sales exploded reaching 70,000,000 tablets in 2003. At this point PERRIGO and RUEL reached a deal to expand their cooperation. A new trademark was registered via the Bulgarian Patent Office in the name of both companies. PERRIGO would manufacter all products sold by RUEL and RUEL would devolope the PERRIGO Brand as its sole representative in Bulgaria.

In 2007 Bulgaria became a member state of the European Union and RUEL applied to register the ASPERAN product in the EU, becoming the first US manufactered ASA to be granted marketing authorisation in the EU.

In 2008 sales of ASPERAN reached the milestone of 100,000,000 tablets anually and the product was labeled as market leader. It was included in the 10 best selling pharmaceutical products for the year.

During the cooperation between RUEL and PERRIGO, RUEL has expanded their portfolio to include food supplement products such as: Childern Animal-shaped vitamins, Adult Daily Vitamins, Calcium, Calcium + Vit.D,, Calcium+Magnesium+Zinc and the highly succesful SpectrumVite multivitamin/multimineral brand.

In 2012 RUEL rebranded ASPERAN to differentiate itself from similar products under the trademarked name "RUVEXIN". In the same year the company OTC PHARMA AD was set up to run the wholesale part of the bussines, while RUEL focused on brand managament.

RUEL Products
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Calcium Magnesium Zinc
SpectrumVite new
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